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Enhanced Plant Production

Enhanced Plant ProductionWilkey Industries (WI) recently completed a remodel at one of Braden Farms almond processing facilities. Braden came to us with the desire to increase production through their facility.

Our design team came up with a solution that met this need.

Wilkey Industries analyzed the current plant capacities and decided to remove the first stage of hulling equipment and install a new 10' x 20' BM&M deck to pre-hull the nuts. This allows Braden to remove a majority of the loose hull from the product using an WI aspirator and send it to the hull piles at the beginning of the hulling process. The BM&M deck also sends inshell to the shelling stage and meats to the finishing area. By taking this extra bulk from the product early it allows Braden to increase the amount of material over the hulling decks essentially increasing productivity and capacity. The addition of WI aspirators and other aspiration locations required the installation of a new Donaldson reverse air house that was installed by us. Another part of this remodel is the ability to run inshell almonds through another WI aspirator to clean it and create a quality inshell product.

If you’re interested in increasing plant production, either by remodeling your current facility or by building new, give Rich Maliepaard a call for a free consultation.

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